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Jewellery repairs made in our laboratory from Birmingham. We are not middlemen.

I am Coly and I am a jeweller/setter with more than thirty years of experience in the jewellery industry and has worked in each step of the process throughout this time. I am able to bring to life any jewel that is damaged.

I am skilled to repair a wide range of jewellery.

Fast turnaround

Fast without compromising quality

Guaranteed results

All our jobs are one year guaranteed

Qualified jeweler

More than 30 years of experience

Latest technology



-Aqua flame torch

Our Workshop and Tools

Drop us a message, wrap your jewellery and send it to us.

07473920793 -WatsApp
197, A, Warstone Lane (ground floor), Birmingham, B18 6JR -Shop Andreeadesign

About us and our philosophy

We are a family run business.

We operate from quite a few good number of years on the main street doing repairs ’’while you wait’’ and creating jewellery.

The jewellery is so much more than just it's value in gold or precious metals.

The day of your 21st birthday, the engagement ring, the wedding day, the eternity for each child or just because you celebrate life, your nan’s, mum’s or dad’s jewellery which is so precious to you and you would like to wear it, to remember it and celebrate the loved ones.

That why we think it's priceless to have them conditionate and ready to be worn again and again.

Your jewellery is in safe hands.

Repairs made on-site on chains, rings, pendants or earrings

Stone missing


-Semiprecious stones

-Precious gems

Re-size any ring in




Laser soldering


-Cracked rings

-Broken clasps

General repairs due to wear and tear

-Polish opals



Adding diamonds, gemstones to any watch, jewellery or replacing a missing one.

If you do not want to send the jewellery by post, pop in. No appointments are necessary and we can do most repairs on the spot ''while you wait''.

What, Where, Who, When, How

Independent jeweller with a workshop based in Jewellery quarter Birmingham.
Many times, we hear the same story that most of the jewellery shops do not carry on the repairs inside the premises, instead they are shipped away.
We do all the repairs on-site.

Gold (9ct,14ct,18ct,22ct or 24ct)
For other metals please enquiry before sending the piece(s).

Replace Diamonds and any other missing or damaged stone
Reset fallen gems
Rebuild or re-tip claws
Cut and match Opal stone if any is missing
Polish Opals in existing rings
Laser welding for soldering (not necessarily used in all the repairs but the jewellers who own a laser machine are the best equipped for repairs).
Replace clasps
Gold watch straps repairs.
Setting diamonds in watches dial or replace a missing one.
New Engraving or depending on each case remake an old engraving
Rhodium plating
Misshaped rings

We use traditional tools alongside the latest technology.
Pneumatic hammer
Magnetic polisher
Aqua flame torch
Gem polishing machine
Engraving tools
Micro setting equipment

Depending on each repair, how many pieces and the stock availability we try to have the repairs ready in 24 hours since the payment is confirmed.
When we get in touch with you with the quotation, we can confirm the estimate time as well until have it ready.

Costume jewellery is not made with precious metals so for us would be impossible to fix them due to the tools that we use to fix jewellery (fire torch or laser for example).

All the repairs are made on-site and they do not leave the premises for any reason and under no circumstances.
We are prepared with the proper equipment for any aspect of the job that needs to be done.
During the night, the jobs will rest in our safe. We are fully insured.

Yes, indeed.
If you can and want to take a trip until Jewellery quarter Birmingham, bring the repairs with you and have them done while you wait taking a cup of coffee or having lunch around.
You will find us in Shop Andreeadesign, 197, A, Warstone Lane, Jewellery Quarter, Birmingham, B18 6JR

All the repaired jewellery, where possible, will be cleaned and polished as a complementary service.
The scratches will be slightly removed but not completely.
If you do not want to have the piece polished please let us know when you receive the quotation.
By default, all the jewellery will be polished.

Unfortunately, no. It must be seen and inspected by the jeweller in order to get a price.

We are not, yet, prepared to offer valuations, because we do not have the appropriate tools. Maybe in the future.

Contact us either by phone 07473920793 or email, let us know that you are sending a parcel and give us some specifications of the job(s).
Wrap the jewellery in bubble layers.
Send the jewellery to us at Jewellery Repairs By Post 197, A, Warstone Lane, B18 6JR, Birmingham (Jewellery Quarter), shop Andreeadesign. Keep the receipt. We recommend you send the parcel well insured.
You only pay for shipping the jewellery to us if you proceed with the repair.
To receive the quotation, we can get in touch with you by phone, WhatsApp, email or messenger.
After the payment was made, the repairs are carried on and sent back.
The time estimated to repair will be given in the moment of the quotation.
Usually is 24 hours after the payment was confirmed.
If the repair needs a coloured gemstone, despite of having a huge range of coloured gemstones sometimes we can miss one colour or tonality, it may take a bit longer to have the jewellery ready.
We will let you know the estimated time when we give you the quotation.
If you don't go ahead with the repair, a small fee of £20 will be asked from you to send back the pieces sent to us. You do have the option to add in the parcel a prepaid envelope ''Special delivery'' so will be no fee to pay us.
You only pay for shipping the jewellery to us if you proceed with the repair.

No, keep the box. Just wrap well the jewellery in bubble plastic wrap or any other product that would keep it safe inside the jiffy bag or padded envelope.
We do not send back any box or bag that you sent with the jewellery.

The quotation is free of charge and you have no obligation to proceed with the repair.
In the case that you do not wish to carry on there is a small fee of £20 to ship back the jewellery to you in the same conditions as sent to us.
With an insurance of maximum £2500.
If you prefer you can send a prepaid envelope Royal Mail Special Delivery Guaranteed inside the parcel and this way will be no charge for you from our behalf.

We always advise to include in the parcel a note with your phone number where you want to be contacted.
We can be contacted.
Giving us a call or WatsApp: 07473920793 - Andreea
Messenger: Facebook/Andreeadesign
Instagram: andreeadesignjewellery
Or coming into the shop to this address: 197, A, Warstone Lane, B18 6JR, Birmingham (Jewellery Quarter), shop Andreeadesign.

All jewellery repair works are guaranteed for 1 year.
Inform us as soon as possible if you have a claim.
If for some reason, there will be no guarantee you will be informed before the repair is made and will be only your decision if you want or not to repair it.

Yes, of course. We are open Monday to Saturday from 10 to 4 so if you want to come to pick up or to leave your repairs you are more than welcome. 197, A, Warstone Lane, B18 6JR, Birmingham (Jewellery Quarter), shop Andreeadesign.

With the quotation you will receive the bank details for a bank transfer, PayPal or either giving us a call to pay by card over the phone.

We do not repair silver and we do not use cz.

Only if the customer wishes so and/or if the jewellery needs it. We will advise if is needed or not.

Not sure if we can repair your jewellery? Before taking any action get in touch with us by phone (07473920793) or email at and ask us.
We will then let you know if is possible to repair it.

If for some reasons you are not happy with our service, please contact us first to try to remedy the situation and fix the problem:
Our warranty is invalidated by accidental or not accidental damage, misuse, mechanical deformations or repairs performed by other parties.
We take pride in inspecting the jewellery really close before sending it back to the customer.
The warranty starts when the parcel arrives at the customer.
''Jewellery repairs by post'' hold the sole rights to decide, permit or drop any claim made under this guarantee. The decisions made by ''Jewellery repairs by post'' will be final.
Where law permits, we do not issue refunds for repair orders.
If for any reason, during your 12-month guarantee term, your jewellery repair becomes faulty — you have the option to return to our repair workshop.
Even in the warranty time if the piece is sent back to us the responsibility of any gem(s) missing falls on the customer.
Any missing/broken/worn is not covered by our warranty and you will be charged for.
In warranty, if the item is sent back to us, we will not charge for the labour or sending back the piece.
All postal charges either to or from the customer are non-refundable.
We kindly remind you that we work with a microscope so is easy for us to see where we have made the repair.
We carried on repairs ''while you wait'' for many years already on our shop/workshop so we have a vast experience.
Any alterations made to an existing piece of jewellery (Example: adding diamonds to a watch or to a piece of jewellery) we cannot refund or exchange.
The repairs/alterations will not be started until the confirmation of the payment in full has been made.
We use Royal Mail because we feel is a safe method for shipping.
We cannot guarantee the delivery times and we will not be held responsible for late delivery, damage of the items or missing parcels being this the responsibility of the shipper.
Unless liable through negligence or Consumer Law.
All the parcels are insured with a maximum of £2500 so if you think your jewellery worth more maybe is better to bring it in person to avoid the postal service.
Before sending back the parcel, we will confirm with the customer the address to be sure is the right one. We will not send the parcel to a different address than the original one.
Jewellery repairs by post will not be held responsible once the parcel has been sent, signed and delivered. Be aware that the parcel always is sent with a signature so make sure you will be able to receive it.
We will not be held responsible if someone else signs for the parcel (ex: concierge or neighbour).
Jewellery repairs by post will provide you with the tracking number as soon as the parcel has been sent.
If possible, please provide a mobile phone number for easier communication.
The payment details will be provided with the quotation either by bank transfer, through the phone with a card or by PayPal.
You agree not to hold responsible ‘’Jewellery repairs by post’’ agents from any liabilities or legal fees, damage or losses, costs or any other expenses in relation to any claims or actions brought against ‘’Jewellery repairs by post’’ result out of any breach of these Terms and Conditions by the customer(s) or other liabilities emerging out of your use of this Website and of what ‘’Jewellery repairs by post’’ offers. Any settlement from a loss will be valued at the current value cost of the piece(s) before loss taking into account the overall tear and wear condition and age, therefore excluding any claim to new for old and/or inflated second-hand retail values.
Independent valuations not accepted by us will not be considered. Only the insurer specified by us will be taken into account as final.
Any fraudulent activity will end any claim and immediately annul.
These term and conditions are posted on the website, visible to everyone.

Where we are

The Jewellery Quarter, Birmingham, UK

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07473920793 -WatsApp
197, A, Warstone Lane (ground floor), Birmingham, B18 6JR -Shop Andreeadesign